Monday, August 15, 2022

Strange Feeling

I work at a site, most of the time, not in an office now that it's been close to 3 months that I've been offered this position. I'd say most of my time, more than 90% of it, is spent at the job-site. I go to the office in the morning, I get a coffee, collect my items, I go to the The Tout Lover's office, we review the day's activities and plans, we have a little chat and I head out. I don't have time to interact with anyone in the office and that is if there was anyone who I wanted to socialize with. There actually has only one person: The Golden Hair Lady. I do not believe that I've ever have seen such beautiful hair. It looks like you've melted pure gold and then passed it through a mold which make it look like long strings! 
We had a little interaction that made me hopeful to ask her out. Things changed last week. I was in The Tout Lover's office and when I came out she was there and then went to someone's office and sat there with the door closed. When I came back to the office in the afternoon, her desk was clear. Looked like someone who had the last talked, cleared their desk and left! I felt sad! It was a very strange feeling as why I would feel that way for someone whom I barely have spoken to! The feeling was strong and I know if someone's reading it, they're laughing at me but I guess when you reach a certain age and dating and finding a real partner becomes difficult, if you see an opportunity, you become hopeful and then you see it gone, it feels that you've lost a possible match! She didn't show up on Fri. and the desk was the same. It's a possibility that she's gone and so is my hope(!) to date a nice lady but I'll see tomorrow. 
(Photo: I would not take a photo from a lady, particularly if she works at the same place as I do and post it here. Just wanted to show how beautiful some lady's hair could be and her hair is more beautiful than this. I couldn't find the shiny and lovely colour she has. Posted this instead!)

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