Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is Keen a Good Shoe?

 I bought a pair of Keen hiking shoes from MEC last year around this time. It's gone now! In fact I wore it in the past 3 or 4 scrambles of mine which were all tough ones and it was ruined! I never expected that to be out of shape this fast although the store names it Light Hiking Shoe. They have stuff for over $200 and $300 and that's what I should have gotten. They are Italian brand called Zamberlan
In fact if I'm going to more serious scrambles, particularly over 3000 m. and in ice and snow and these regular $100 shoes especially when they are not Waterproof, would be useless.
I contacted the customer service of Keen and they wanted me to fill out an online warranty form but I have not kept the receipt and they are asking all the information which you only can find them in there.
I display the shoe photographs here and you be the judge! I will need another pair for my upcoming journey and I have not bought one yet. The Lady was saying to but another similar Keen and simply replace it with a new one in 10 month or so because we go on light t hikes together and I go on solo long difficult scramble but I guess there's something wrong with my feet too! I probably do not take good paces. Many people suffer form a problem similar to that and do not have their entire sole in touch with the ground when they are walking. A foot specialist, a good and skilled one, would be helpful here. Perhaps I should see one soon. 
(Photo: I have two pictures of my Keen hiking shoe here. They are useless now)

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