A Disappointing Visit/Interview

The strange recruiting company sent me to a company for work about two weeks ago. It was a small food company in SE Calgary where many of the small industries are located. A lady, I guess one of the supervisors welcomed me. I am not a freaking pervert or anything like that but I can't compliment a beautiful lady when I'm writing about a job opportunity, particularly now that I'm freaking single and in continuous torture! She was a tall, blue-eyed, blond lady, taller than an average woman and taller than me, with a nice smile and charming character. This is absolutely right that they say THE FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST IMPRESSION. I would love to work with or for such a woman even if she's married and have kids over 20 years of age! There's nothing more important than having a good colleague and boss at work and I barely have experienced that for years! 
We sat for a few minutes and he asked a few simple questions and obviously he was satisfied with all. We then dressed up for the working environment and went to the production floor. I always wanted to work in food industry and I worked for three food-related companies in Canada with the first one could have been my first and last job in the country, the second one a good opportunity to grow and the third one perhaps not that good and blowing them all! 
She took me to the part of the warehouse and asked me to operate a machine which I shortly operated that back in 2010. I got on it and I was not comfortable at all. I tried to perform the task she had assigned to me, while two bastards were watching, and realized I was not able to. So instead of doing something that I would regret later, I told her that I could not do that and we left the floor. 
We went back to the office and it sounded to me that she was as disappointed as I was but for sure not as humiliated as I was because she said that she would offer me other jobs but she had to talk to talk to managers! I don't know why someone would say something like that in that situation! I screwed up and I was not a good candidate for that job. That's all. I moved on. So should she. 


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