Inglewood Wildlands

I spent a little time today on my volunteer work. Now that I have to do this stupid and disgusting job, I need something to keep my brain active. It was a beautiful, although a little bit cold, day: Blue sky of Calgary and puffy white clouds! The scene that I never get tired of watching!
Then I thought I should take a break by going out (I was in a McDonald's) and see if I can take a few pictures. I found myself near Inglewood Wildlands after a few minutes. Such a gem in Calgary
I have been to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary twice and this is just next to it. I decided to go there instead of the sanctuary when I saw the sign. Although much smaller area but it still worth walking into. 
Apparently this place was the site of another refinery and then was turned to a so-called wildland, after the refinery was shut down, of course, by different organizations. 
This apparently had a significant impact on the neighbourhood. There is a row of houses just where the wildland is located. Imagine a tank farm in front of your house and tankers continuously commuting! That would have been a disaster! Now the neighbourhood is probably one of the nicest in the city. 
This is an areal photo of Gulf Refinery which used to be located in where Inglewood Wildlands are now. Gulf Oil Co. was a major global oil company between 60's and 80's which later was merged to Standard Oil of California which in turn, today, is what is known as Chevron in the business. Photo curtesy of
This must have same story as The Old Refinery Park but I didn't find much on the net, not that I spent a day or something like that. I didn't spent a long time there as it's a small area, like I mentioned above. Besides I didn't have comfortable cloths and shoes on and a cold wind was blowing. Not to mention my pain in the left foot! Nevertheless I will go there again with my big camera soon to take more photos. It's recommended for anyone who like walking and light exercise. 
(Photo, top: This picture shows that the so-called wildlands is not to far away from the Downtown. Bing early October and a dry summer has turned the place to a red-orange-yellow festival of colours which is hard to picture using such a simple camera. It's hard to ignore the beautiful deep blue sky above)


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