Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Great Opportunity

I was given an opportunity to present myself for a very good engineering position in the province this morning. It was a phone interview or as some call it, phone screening which took more than 1 hour. They, at times, don't bother continuing if they are not satisfied with primary answers but this one was probably one of the longest telephone interviews I've had so far. The call was dropped two times during the conversation and the person had to call me back.
I was told that I would be notified by the end of the next week. This was quite understandable for a permanent position in a somehow stable company but we'll see. I was a little surprised when I was called at the beginning considering the nature of the job but I assume I presented myself well enough in the resume. I hope my presentation during the screening was as well as my resume because no one would want to miss such an opportunity.

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