Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Decision in 11 Minutes!

I received a phone call from a well-known company in Canada for the position I had applied for about a month ago. I was not very hopeful for that but I thought my resume was not too bad. There was a short interview for the $14.5 job although the original advertisement posted it as $14! You see? I'm in a situation that even a job with minimum wage, which was hiked a little more than a week ago to $13.6, would attract me(!) considering that my first job in Canada which I obtained in 02-Jan-2002, more than 17 years ago paid me $12.30
This reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld called Chinese Restaurant where all of the characters except Kramer (Who later complained about being excluded from the story) are in a Chinese restaurant, waiting to be seated. Jerry turns to Elaine and tells her that she goes to a group's table who are eating and picks an Egg Roll, eats it and walks away without saying anything, there would be $50 for her here! Elaine asks George weather she should do it. George goes: For $50? I would put my face in the soup bowl and blow!! 
So this resembles my story. I once had a job with $5000 monthly income and now am ready to do every freaking, nasty, stupid, labour job for a wage of as low as $15!!
Nevertheless I believe I answered all of the questioned honestly and very satisfactorily. My only mistake perhaps was telling the interviewer that I had a part-time job, not knowing that the job would be canceled with a telephone call within nearly 1.5 hours! Her responses were positive as well and at the end she said that I would receive an e-mail if I'm not selected for the position. 
Now that I think about it I believe maybe it was just a formality interview because the interviewer indicated that fact probably more than once and then when I later checked my e-mail I realized that I had been sent a message only after 11 minutes from the telephone call indicating that I was not being considered a candidate any more! The interesting thing is the message, from a very reputable company that everyone, I repeat everyone,, knows it in Canada was found in Spam folder! 
One good opportunity is gone because despite its low wage I'm sure there would have been other opportunities in near future or at least I could kept myself afloat for as long as I found a better job somewhere else. Bastards! 
(Photo: The scene from episode Chinese Restaurant of Seinfeld sitcom where Elaine portrait by Julia Louis-Dreyfus [who recently announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer] approaches the table of a bunch of elderly who are enjoying their dinner and is trying to pick an Egg Roll and leave without a word but can't. Hilarious episode like most of Seinfeld's one of the best comedies of the all time)

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