A Long Hiring Process With No Result

I called the company that has interviewed me twice, a few weeks ago and asked about the status of the position. I was told that no decision had been made and there were two more candidates who would be interviewed in the coming weeks. The lady who interviewed me over the phone said that. She also added that there was another position that she thought it would fit my qualifications better. She said she would forward my resume. That was more attractive to me considering it would be in Calgary
I sent an e-mail to her later regarding the position. No response. I then applied for the position directly, mentioning the discussion in the Cover Letter. No response again. I now am disappointed and hopeless. I guess I have to work harder. For that I have registered for a course which I'm taking it online. That is because the classroom version of that would take 2 weeks and I'm not in position to quit my job and attend the course. I'm hoping to finish that as soon as I can and then add it to my resume. I then need to go to another course, either online or in person but in the meantime two other things has come up. The guys that I'm working for, would like to keep me but I need to get certified to be able to use a tool and then I received an e-mail from a Federal Government agency requesting a document. I sent the document to them the very same day and their response the next day was that I would be invited to an interview but they have not mentioned any date. I talked to my buddy, A. F. who works for that agency and he said that it was not unusual for them to not mention the interview date and I would have to wait. I will while I'm working, I'm doing my certificate and I'm working my volunteer job!


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