Strange Latino Fella

There was this guy in the building gymnasium whom I saw during work-out a few times, last year. We eventually got to talking and exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers to become buddies. Something that rarely happens in Canada or perhaps I'm the one who had not experienced that. He, surprisingly, sounded a very nice guy. In fact too good to be true. We met for a coffee once and then he invited me to his apartment once. We remained friends until I went to Quebec for my training and that was where he helped me with my car issue.
We met once again after I failed finishing(!) the training. I was somehow deterred by his behaviour then. He said he wanted to do some religious program, something that I hate the most and then he had comments in regards to my career indicating that it was dead(!) and then the way he dresses is very displeasing and he goes to Starbucks! Fix your damn cloths and don't dress like a freaking hobo, then go to Starbucks and spend $3 on a coffee! In fact I paid for his coffee the first time we went to that damn unreasonably-priced place and then the second time he just bought himself a beverage and I sat there and watched him drinking it! What a cheap idiot! We talked about having a hike together and then he stated that waking up early and going at 05:00 AM would be hard on him, the same thing that The Hope had said, and that was when I decided to cut him off! I erased his telephone number from my telephone and his profile from LinkedIn and never called him! It might sound a little harsh but that's how I am! 
I bumped to him a few days ago while leaving a local supermarket! I knew he had moved out of the building but he had also told me that he had gotten another apartment in the neighbourhood. So chances that we cross each other is quite large and it happened! He, surprisingly approached me and gave me a hug! We stood there and talked for maybe 15 minutes! It proved to me that I needed him as a friend! I could have said goodbye and ran away quickly but I found that rude. We are supposed to meet again and when I told him that I've lost his number (which is a lie) due to a malfunction to my telephone, he called me on the spot and asked me to save his number! Is there anything wrong with me?! Maybe he's not strange at all. Maybe I'm the strange one!


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