Is This the Coldest Christmas Ever?!

I'm sitting here at the desk and doing nothing but wasting time, mostly! I decided to have a walk in the afternoon and got around 14:00. It was brutal! I guess I was out for nearly 50 min. and I was about to be frozen. There was barely anyone out. I went to Bow Trail Pathway and there was a girl running(!) and a couple walking! That was it! Then a few more, maybe. The roads was empty too. I guess it was around -17 ℃ but if you consider the damn wind, it's much worse.
My memory is not really good these days but either I don't remember such cold or my brain cells are dying one after another!
Weather Network has a full detail about the local weather including the forecast. Here you only see the latest data.
 I know we are getting old. The Chef who usually does not show signs of weakness, complained about cold last night and even didn't want to go for a 10 min. walk. He refused to get together for the same reason today. It's hard to stay home even if you're with someone. I'm by myself and I can get myself busy but again it's mostly a waste. I need to plan for something for the next Christmas! That's why many people book hotels and tickets months in advance! I have never been on a trip during Christmas time and it never had anything to do with having or not having money. It never occurred to me. besides I hate waiting in long lines of airports. So perhaps if I'm going somewhere next Christmas that I would be driving a reliable car! 
(Photo, top: Bow River and part of Downtown Calgary from Mewata Bridge. I never knew what the steam is. This was taken around 14:35 today with the temperature of what I said above. It's of course colder now)


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