Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Quiet Place: Love and Family

I watched A Quiet Place for the second time in a row last night! I was amazed by the movie. Everything is great and what surprised me the most and admire that a lot is the kids' performance. Young actress Millicent Simmonds is so great that I couldn't keep my tears from coming down. Her hearing is impaired and that's what makes her performance so great as how someone at such a young age (I think she was 18 at the time of the movie) can act so well. I had heard about the movie a few time but never cared enough to get it and watch it. 
I had seen Emily Blunt in Secario and she was amazing. This time, surprisingly she performs besides her husband who by the way is the director as well. This movie is 3 years old and is before the pandemic. So I think most of the movie-goers have watched it. The second part of it is in theaters now or maybe the last days. If you haven't, make sure you do. 
I'm not going to spoil it as some might not have seen it but be careful! It's an scary movie! I had trouble handling it at points! What I liked about the movie very much is the concept of family and love. That's something which I've been deprived of most of my life and I don't think I will ever feel it. It reminded me of the high school days that all the four of us would eat lunch in the kitchen, every day. I was usually the one who would reach home from the school and when I went to the kitchen, everyone was already there and everything was ready. It was mostly good but we had issues at time as well. Like any other family. But even that didn't last. My father died and the family was devastated. And then there was the university and then work and it was all because of my mother or I wouldn't have been able to accomplish whatever tiny thing that I did. We never sat at the same table altogether again, sadly! Father was gone forever and there was no and still isn't any connection between me and my brother. So when I got home from work or exercise or wherever the hell I had been to, Mom and Farzin had already had their supper. Farzin was watching the TV and Mom was doing the home chores. We would have a little talk and then the next day ... and the next day and same thing would go on until I moved out and came to Canada.
East Hasting Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. One of the darkest and nastiest place on the face of the earth in a so-called developed country! This street is occupied by drug-dealers, drunkards, drug-addicts, prostitutes and all the poor people who somehow have hit hard in life. I drove by only once and I was scared. My poor wife had to somehow get close to this city on her daily life when she left me. Robert Pickton's story has a beginning here
In Canada despite the 2 times that I've had roommate, I lived mostly alone because none worked the same time as I did. So we barely spent time together. From late 2001 to mid. 2009 that I had my partner, I lived alone. And then when I started living with my wife, It was a true struggle. It was just not possible to have someone else around al the time! The poor girl suffered a lot and I'm sure if she had somewhere to go, she would! She kept saying " You're not grown in a family! " and now that I think about it, I realize that she was right! I ruined her life and mine and although after a few years it was easier to handle " married " life, now that I think about it more, I believe that it was not a " married life "! She did two jobs, one full-time and one part-time to spend as  little as time as possible with me! And I didn't care! She was at work making money and saving it and I was wasting time at home on computer or other shit! We even didn't get intimate for many years before she moved out and of course it never happened after that either although we met a few more times. That, however, was her fault and now that I admitted it was my fault that the marriage went to garbage and became 7 years of waste, for both of us, I have to say that it was her fault that we didn't get intimate for more than 5 years! Yes! As stupid, silly and crazy it sounds, it is true. Once she said something like go wash your mouth or something like that which I barely remember because it was years ago and that was it. It was a complete turn-off and then she said " I will do that with someone whom I love! " For me that was it! I was locked! And although she pointed at this problem and having a child once or twice again, I couldn't go back to it. I was hurt and it was not possible to heal. She even made fun of me and I said nothing and the funny thing is she came back to the city from " British Columbia " where she used to stay with a friend, in a very cold winter day and forced me to go to a notary public and then the court to file for divorce! Our divorce was like our marriage! Fast and quick! And she went back to Vancouver where she was sharing a small apartment no so far from Hasting with another woman. 
The last time we spoke I think I was in CFLRS. She said " It is expensive here " and she added that she didn't have any choice but to go back to the old country. I told her where I was and she said that I finally got what I had wanted. Neither me nor her didn't know that I wouldn't be able to finish CFLRS and that 5 months was added to another waste of time. 
When I came back from CFLRS I had to stay with Mom for a while until I get a job but even then I was alone and now it's 11 months that I've been living alone in this house. Seems that it's my faith. The concepts of family and love are not much with me. 
(Photo: The four main characters of the movie. In fact there're only 2 more actors who have brief roles and the rest is done by this small group of four. The young British actor, Noah Jupe is phenomenal as well)

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