Saturday, July 17, 2021

It's Easy to Spend when Someone else's Paying!

I convinced The Chef to go to Food Bank a few days ago. Now that he's fired from his job of 15 years and without much money (Still receiving E. I. tough) and without a vehicle, he usually volunteers for any out-of-home activity! So I called on his behalf and scheduled for an afternoon pick up. We were there 10 minutes early and we didn't see much action. It was not as busy as what we had expected. Unlike the usual procedure that you go in, present your I. D. Cards and then go to the pantry, there's a person who checks you in, using a tablet, and then after a few minutes another one brings a cart full of supplies.
This time it was a whole lot of items. From Cheese, Crackers, Vegetables and Ground Beef to Body Wash, Toilet Paper and cans. We headed back home and there The Chef asked me to take a few things despite the fact that I said I didn't need anything. He insisted to take as a gift for me driving him all the way down to the place. There were items that I wouldn't normally eat but I didn't wanna hurt his feeling. So I took them. Amongst them were Cinnerolls, Nutella and other junk food! So I thought what I should do with these? The best way was to leave them but we didn't know that we have been given these so I took them to work and presented them to the workers without them knowing it was from me! I just left them on the counter, in the refrigerator or in a cabinet. 
There was only one item that I put there and people saw me and that was a box of Cinnerolls. They thanked me one after another and I was not happy that I was given credit for that but what could I have said?! The next day there was only one left in the box! That was when the great Persian poem came to my mind:
خرج که از کیسهٔ مهمان بود
هأتم تائی شدن آسان بود
What basically it says is: It's easy to spend, when you're using someone else's money! Of course there's no money directly involved but that food belonged to The Chef because he's not in a good situation and then he gave it to me and I gave it to other! Again, I should not have gotten get the credit for it.
(Photo: Persian literature is amazing. There's no other one which even gets close in the entire world) 

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