Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Cost of Energy

Buying home in although it brings comfort in a way but there are disadvantages to it as well. It is true that only families should go through the hassle of borrowing money and pay monthly fees for their home. It's not difficult if the couple work but for a single man, it's not easy. 
I have tried to keep the cost to minimum but it's not easy. I don't have air conditioner, I don't put heat so mush high in winter, I don't use microwave oven, I don't have a dryer, I wash my cloths, as there aren't many, perhaps once a month, I don't have a TV, I don't put many lights on when it's dark(!), I don't fill the refrigerator and the top, freezer part, so it doesn't consume too much electricity, I don't have a fan of any kind, no ceiling fan and no standing one, I don't park in garage! So the garage opener and the light aren't used at all! However I do have a coffee maker, I cook at home on my stove and in the oven and I even do have a bread maker! The energy company has sent me reports of my usage. One is seen on the top and it's for electricity and one one the bottom is natural gas.
Natural gas consumption is compared between three types of homes in the city
As it can be seen in the gas graph, month of Feb. has the highest amount of consumption but what I know for a fact is these homes are not properly isolated because if they were, we wouldn't have to pay this much for energy. Or perhaps I should correct it to " they shouldn't have to pay this much for energy "! These are cheap homes and they're sort of " Build & Sell " homes. If the financial situation improves, I will do something about this damn house. I will probably get solar panels and do a good isolation if I can find a good provider. Until then I will have to keep the costs low using the same manner.
(Photo, top. The graph shows the electricity consumption in the first 6 months of 2021 and the comparison between three types of homes in the city)

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