Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Six Days

I knew basically nothing about the siege of
Iranian Embassy in London in 1980 before I saw the movie 6 Days last night. Good movie which shows everything about that event in less than 2 hours. What happened almost 41 years ago is a number of filthy Arabs whom their leader was an Iraqi diplomat(!) smuggled guns and ammunition to England and then stormed the embassy in the morning of 30.Apr.1980
These people were campaigning for the liberation(!) of Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran and claimed that belong to Arabs! I personally have been to that province. I have been to Ahvaz. We had suppliers there when I used to work for EIED. My first wife is from Ahvaz. So I went there and I actually had a good time. It was a nice city at the time with lots of places to see in and around and good traditional food including an excellent Bison Milk Ice Cream! Unfortunately I have not heard good things about the city lately. Air pollution, poverty as a result of the corrupt government and other issues have made life difficult for the inhabitant of the city. I also have been to Abadan, Khorramshahr, Shush (Susa) just to say that yes there're minority Arabs in that province but not as many as Persians and do they get oppressed? I can't say but I know this for a fact that when I traveled to Ahvaz to talk to the suppliers, and I admit that it was a lousy project at the time(!), many of the counterparts were Iranian Arabs and we didn't have any issues with them. Ali Shamkhani, one of the commanders in Iran-Iraq War is an Iranian Arab as well. So I don't know what more there people want. Their stupidity and silliness has been extended to even these days. They attacked innocent people in Ahvaz in 2018
Iranian Arab Commander Shamkhani is seen here in Iran-Iraq War days, on right, next to the former President Hashemi (wearing white turban) and Mohsen Rafigh-doost, the Revolutionary Guards top Commander. Look at the emblem hanging from his shirt pocket.
Back to the movie, there's a negotiator who is in touch with the terrorists through phone and that is Mark Strong, the same guy who has a major role in Body of Lies. He, wisely, was able to get more time from terrorists which made the British Government able to discuss the matter with the then Prime Minister, Margret Thatcher and also gave enough time to SAS team to practice different scenarios of attacking either the embassy building or the bus which were supposed to take the terrorists and their hostages to Heathrow. I didn't want to give the whole story but this is different from watching the movie, meaning you still can enjoy it. SAS (Special Air Service) team eventually gets an opportunity and they go inside and free all but two of the hostages and kill all but one of the terrorists. 
Members of a military band who had participated in a parade, are hiding in a narrow channel during the attack by Arab separatists/ISIS terrorists in Ahvaz, in 2018. The attacked claimed 25 lives
The funny thing is Saddam has the same dream in mind when he attacked Iran a few months after this! He wanted to include the province of Khuzestan! Not to mention going all the way to the capital. Despite the fact that the war was useless and did nothing but destroying two countries in Western Asia (which some stupid call it Middle East!). 
Anyways the movie is highly recommended. Good story, good directing, good actor and good cinematography. Enjoy. 
(Photo, top: SAS team members are trying to enter the embassy by using ropes from the roof. One of them got stuck as seen here and he had to be cut down by his fella comrades. he sustained injuries to his thigh but continued and finished the mission)

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