Was my Cover Blown off?

I was at work a few days ago, approaching the office. I realized, from distance, that a guy was starring at me. An Oriental guy. Considering there are many customers who drop by to get their stuff, I first didn't pay much attention. Getting closer, the guys goes: You don't work at that place anymore?! 
I focused on his look and I realized he is the delivery guy, a Vietnamese with terrible English(!) whom I had to deal with a few times in the previous job! I, however, denied that and Said: What place? You mixed me up with someone else! And walked away. I was, at the corner of my eye, that he was still looking at me even when I turned my back at him! I don't think he bought that because when he was leaving, he raised his arm as a sign of goodbye! I hope he doesn't tell the guy, although he won't be able to do a thing. I just don't want him to know where I work.


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