Tuesday, December 03, 2019

One Day Portion of Fruits

I like these tips and generally most of the things that is indicated in Canada Food Guide but some of them are unrealistic. Not to mention that I do not think many people follow them. Things such as " You need 4 to 7 serving of fruits and vegetables, depending on the age " is not achievable. It not only is unrealistic but it's also impossible. How can you eat that much fruits and vegetables on daily basis?! You neither have time to prepare that nor to eat them. Not to mention the cost.
With all that in mind I started having a meal of fruits or vegetables a day after my marriage. The Lady changed my life and for that I am grateful to her until the dayLettucce  I die. Her salads and other foods were fantastic. Now that I'm on my own, I try to keep up with the plan. Here are the two lunches that I've had recently:
a- 1 Pineapple (from Costa Rica)
b- 5 organic Bananas (I hope they have more benefit compared with the conventional ones)
c- 2 Naval Oranges (from California)
d- 1 Amborsia Apple (of course from British Columbia as they are cultivated there only)

a- A small bowl of Pomegranate (most likely from California)
b- 20 small Mandarins (from California)

This salad is not nearly even close to what The Lady used to make but still is good
Now you get the reason why California has water shortage, drought and soil problems! Not to mention overpopulation, pollution and other issues which are not the subject of this post but I will discuss that with Alphonse when I see him next year. I already have asked him why most of the industries, maybe not most, many major ones, are located in California and why the hell they don't go to other states and he didn't give me a good answer. His answer was incomplete and didn't make any sense.
Literally most many of the foods we receive in Canada and vegetables as well, come from California. Some from Mexico and some from South America but California has a big share. 
Back to fruit eating I have to admit that I cannot do this every day and most importantly the problem with vegetables is bigger. They need more time to be prepared. The cost of vegetables has gone significantly in 2019 that we are about to finish it now. Iceberg Lettuce, my favorite, could not be found less than $2.99 for a head while I used to get that for $1.99 a head. Broccoli is not less than $2.49 a pound and everything else has the same story but we need fruits and vegetables to keep our bodies working properly.
(Photo, top: Pomegranate seeds ready to eat. It's time consuming but worth it especially because this fruit's season is short and can't be kept in coolers for a long time) 

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