Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Things Are Getting Worse

I was going for a little shopping, and damn, by the time I reached the mall, last night, it was closed! The business hours sign at the door says closed at 06:00 PM! Who the hell closes at 06:00 PM during Christmas time?! Idiots?! Then I was going to check desktops at a local Best Buy and drove by the Boston Pizza on 17th Ave., SW. I was shocked: Closed down!! No sign, no nothing! When Boston Pizza closes one of its main locations it's like rats leaving a sinking ship! A popular location of Starbucks, I noticed a couple of weeks ago, is also shut down! These are bad signs for a city. It was heard that the unemployment rate went up in Nov. in Calgary as well. 
I hear all these and I'm even afraid to go to Best Buy! I wanted to buy a computer but I gave a second thought: Should I not buy it?! I still am in my probation for the job that I started a little more than a month ago. I'm hopeful to keep the job but you never know what is in the mind of managers and supervisors. I have not given up. I still am trying to go back to my field but Dec.-Jan. is the worst time of year for being hired. So I'm only focusing on the current job.
A busy corner of Downtown Calgary, 8th St. and 12 Ave., SW is where Starbucks cafe was located as far back as 2002. Now it is closed! What can you say?!
In the meantime The Little Pika, surprisingly e-mailed me last night and asked me when I was going down there in San Antonio. It would be great to have a trip to Texas for the second time and I'm planning to do Guadeloupe Mountain this time with Alphonse but I will have to see if I can get a week off after my probation! I will have to make up a good story to be able to sell to them. Something better than the one I made up last summer and went to Arizona! The trip to Texas will not cost very much especially because I will stay 2 days at The Little Pika's. I think I can sum up the whole 7-day trip with nearly $800. The most important thing, before the trip, is convincing the supervisor. That's what I'm concerned about!
I eventually went to Best Buy this morning and purchased, or it'd be correct to say ordered a computer for less than $500! I couldn't resist a basic need!
(Photo, top: A Buick is passing from where a Boston Pizza were located on 17th Ave., SW for years. I had eaten there a few times and always enjoyed their food and the environment. The Lady liked that there too. We ate there I guess at least a couple of times. So bad that it's gone now. I actually had planned to go for a Pizza in a week or too! I guess I will have to select another location. The building is owned by Strategic as you can see their sign)

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