2019 Christmas Party

This year the company that I have recently started working for held a Christmas party in one of the chain hotels (which I won't name) in November. I showed there around 17:15 and there was barely anyone. I was offered Wine (there were two types) but I refused because I'm not a wine guy but soon I realized that's would be all to get. The waiter said that the bar was at the other corner of the hotel, if I needed something else! Are you kidding me?! I'm not paying for booze in Christmas party!! It's once a year and if the employer invites the fellas, he's the one who should pay for the booze! So I grabbed a glass of White Wine and got busy with that!
People shows after minutes and soon our table was full. We were people from 6 countries, originally at the table. I like that as long as no person is an asshole. We had issues in my Engineering job and there were a big number of asshole and nose-in-the-skies mainly from Eastern European countries and some fucking asshole Germans (because the company was originally German) and a few more here and there. Here, in a labour job, not that much. Still Caucasian office people stay away from floor people particularly if they're not Caucasian but the management team was very nice and polite. I shock hands with all of them and made jokes! I even asked them why there was no open bar! The CEO and branch manager referred me to the CFO! I don't remember his answer because I was drunk! 
Then the dinner started and honestly it was awful! Maybe for Orientals it was fine because it comprised of bland boiled(!) Vegetable pieces, damn Rice, I guess Duck in a thick, sweet, sauce(!), I guess shredded Meat of some sort(!) and that was it! What could I have done? I had not had any food since the previous night! In the morning they had some doughnuts and I ate one for the first time in probably 10 years and nothing for lunch! So I had to eat that shit! 
There was some dance after the so-called dinner and then group photography. I saw the Chinese pretty girl who smiled at me a few times at work but I didn't get any sign from her this time. She, however, didn't seem as attractive. Some girls ruin their natural beauty by putting too much make up on. I eventually decided to approach her to see her reaction. She introduced me to a guy with a big pair of glasses who was playing with a phone, her boyfriend! I was a little surprised because the guy looked like a goof but could have money or a good job. At least I know that I would probably won't make any move toward her again. There is another office girl. She's a blonde slim Caucasian with magnificent blue eyes. I had not seen a beautiful blue eye like that until a few days ago when I had to ask her something from a very close distance and she wasn't even looking at me! She looked very nice and sexy in the party and I pretended that I had not recognized her but I don't believe she was interested in me. She seemed by herself but there was a Caucasian guy who were walking around her, with the possible intention of banging her at the end of the party!
I then went to the supervisor to say hi and thank him. He didn't even offer his hand but said: " Don't forget Mon.! " I was goin' to say: What the hell are you talkin' about! But I knew he had confused me with another new employee! So I let it go. And there was another Chinese woman, a sort of team leader or something who had seen me earlier at work and told me about the party. I pretended that I didn't know and she realized that I was messing with her! I hope she wouldn't get that the wrong way, although I don't work under her supervision. She was probably one of a very few women who had not put any make up on and she really is not good looking but for me, or someone in my situation, I would bang anything that has a hole in it! Sorry for being rude! It's just a joke.
No other girl got my attention. The people, which consisted of mostly Orientals or to be specific Chinese and Filipino all had as big as a Basketball team children. There were a number of pretty Filipino girls, at time you can find really hot Filipinos, but they were all married with at least 2 or three kids. One Latino guy who seems harmless so far was there with his big family as well. He came in with a guitar and I thought he would be playing the entire time and his band, probably his family, who could barely fit in a sedan(!), would sing but he just sang a short song in Spanish alongside a girl and that was it! Such an idiot, bringing the freaking guitar all the way to the show and then playing it for 3 freaking minutes! 
There there was a time for random draw of prizes. There were different items that people won, mostly kitchen stuff which was not bad. To my surprise I was called as well but I was too drunk to get myself to there normally and when I got there and was handed the box I almost stumbled and was about to fall(!) and that was not only because I was drunk. The damn box was heavy! However I didn't open it until I got home and it was nice. It was something made in California which I liked. They gave a Samsung big television too but even if I had won it, I would not have opened it to use. I would have sold it immediately as I hate Korean products! That was basically it. Apart from the prize, the wine and good laughs we had, there was nothing else. No good food, no girls and the desert was not impressive either but I'm glad I got out and joined.
(Photo: Whatever was left from the red wines at the end of the party. Wine experts could comment!) 


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