Sunday, December 29, 2019

Gate of India and Amato Gelato in a Day

I've become lazy lately and cannot focus on my studies. I have to finish the review and then write the damn examination. This is what I wanted to do today after my lunch with The Lazy Ass but it didn't happen! He took me to this East Indian buffet at the end of the city Called Gate of India. It's not as fancy as some of the East Indian restaurants that you might see here. It's not as bad as some of the dumps that I've been too and hated them and will never step a foot in. To name stay away from the filthy and nasty following places:
1- Faisal Kabab Hut = A cheater place and a noisy, disgusting filthy hole. 
2- Hot Plate = A stinking shit-hole where animals graze in
3- Five Rivers (recently changed to Tasty[!]) = Their food is old and they change the damn price every week. Besides if you buy something from the shelf (a little grocery shelf they have) consider the items very old. Once I bought a small tray of Dates and I hardly could get the trays off the Styrofoam tray! It was stuck because it sat there for far too long passed the expiry date!
We were there at about 11:40 and considering their service starts from 11:30, we had to wait a couple of minutes for everything to be ready. Food is good but I must have made myself ready for the journey and I think I had not! I had 2 cups of coffee in the morning but no activity but a few minutes of walking. The Lazy Ass surprisingly didn't eat as mush as I expected him to eat. He's a big fella who does bodybuilding. The place got good number of customer by the time we finished. I tried 4 trips to the foods but we didn't try any dessert. The cost is $16 per person and I paid for him. The place surprisingly asked for tips. I didn't know that buffets do that too but I only added only $1. 
The Lazy Ass then suggested to have Ice Cream for dessert and I thought he knew somewhere nearby but he drove us all the way to Kensington Road in NW part of the city to this nice and clean café called Amato Gelato.
The Lazy Ass is holding his cone. That's a good size portion
There were only two customers in the shop when we went there and that's what I don't like although two small groups later joined. They serve Ice Cream, Cakes, different types of Coffee and generally Italian merchandise. It's a nice place to take your GF, fiancé or generally your loved one. I ordered a cup with two scoops and The Lazy Ass the same thing on a cone. It's a little more than $8 which for some might be difficult to finish. He paid for that. We sat there for probably half and hour or so and then he started insisting to go for a work out in his local gym. I was able to get away from that after a long discussion with him. I understand that he feels lonely and has a problem with the girl that he's dating but what the hell can I do. Deal with it man! Generally both of the places are OK to enjoy. I just would not recommend them both in one day because they are at least 25 KM apart!
(Photo, top: Gate of India's main lobby. We were the first customer so the tables are empty. Unlike the disgusting Faisal Kabab Hut, the restaurant is decorated with nice East Indian paintings. Unfortunately the lights were being reflected in the frames so I couldn't get a close up of the paintings. My plate can be seen in the picture)

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