Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Annual Turkey Meal (2019)

The Chef called me after 2 weeks of silence(!) the other night. I was quite surprised because he was supposed to go under Open Heart Surgery on the 16th. He said for some allergy issues or something (which I'm sure he had not understood completely!) the surgery has been postponed to the coming Jan. He then told me that he has gotten the Turkey and he would like to have it cooked with me one of these days. His employer gives everyone in the company a full Turkey every year around Christmas time. We enjoyed that last year but I wasn't expect him to call me this year!
Then the day that we were supposed to meet, I was at work and when I finished, I checked my phone and noticed that he had called him. I called him three times to see what he wants and if there has been any changes to the plan. He eventually called me back after the third failed attempt and told me that he was in a restaurant in downtown! The fool sounded drunk! I asked him what the hell he was doing there and if he would be able to make it. He confirmed that he would! He, despite that, made it to the randevu(!) on time. There still was signs of drunkenness in him(!) but was not very bad. We went home and there I realized alcoholic beverages on the table. I certainly don't think that is a good idea to drink alcohol 2 weeks prior to your Open Heart Surgery but he doesn't fee that way, evidently! 
We started the cooking by chopping some vegetables and the Turkey itself. I had brought a couple of Jalapeno and one Habanaro pepper as well as a small Taro Root. I knew it would be very hot soup but that's how The Chef likes it and he was eventually the one who ate most of the soup! We made everything to three big pots and went upstairs where the landlord kitchen is and started cooking. While we were doing this the neighbour of The Chef a Jamaican asshole kept coming and going and checked on us. This piece of shit and I don't care if anyone calls me racists because I'm not, would come out of his hole and go out for a cigarette and then would pour himself a glass of alcohol and would go back to the hole watching TV very loudly and then would come out again, this time with a Marijuana cigarette(!), would light it up inside and would go out again! And this process would continue but the sequence would change! He expected us to share some Turkey with him and I invited while we were preparing the meal but when he came back for one of his routines(!) and asked how the Turkey was I said: It flew away! It  was certainly not my Turkey but I didn't want that piece of crap to sit with me at the table particularly because I knew that The Chef would have the rest with him later.
Certainly introduced to him by his Jamaican roommate, The Chef offered me this rum. He poured me a little and I squeezed half a lemon to and tasted. Too strong. I added some water and became a bit better but I was not in drinking mood. So that was it
The meal was ready in about 45 min. and that was the time the landlord showed up. The Lazy Ass would be the nickname that I'm going to use for this guy. He sat with us and took the best part of the meal and put it in his plate: The Turkey leg! I got a piece of the breast and The Chef made himself busy with the soup, the Heart and some other parts. It was not a bad meal but I had a number of wings and two slices of Pizza that The Chef had bought from Papa John's earlier(!) so I did not enjoy the meal as much as I was excited for. We then sat and talked up until 12:00 and that was one I left after The Chef game some pieces which I will enjoy during the week. That was our annual traditional Lilydale Turkey meal which was better than the last week in terms of companionship. I laughed so much at some of the stories that The Chef narrated and we had a good time with The Lazy Ass!
(Photo, top: It certainly looks weird to all that we cook our turkey in a pressure cook while everyone put it in their oven. This is how The Chef likes it as he eats the soup. Also we don't have to wait 6 hours. I have done the oven version and came out amazing)

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