Eighteen Years Has Passed

It's been 18 years now since I migrated to Canada. I've made such bad mistake which caused not having a comfortable life even after all these years. To name:
1- I didn't buy a property when I had a chance and have spent thousands of dollars on renting mostly disgusting places where not comfortable and cozy. I might be able to do that in 2020 but I spent years in bad rental places. An RBC representative once called me in 2006 and offered me loan, a thing that I doubt they do it nowadays but I refused.
2- Moving to British Columbia was a mistake. I was thoughtless and clueless at the time and spent a little more than a year working for A. J. and then two shitty other job. Had I spent that time on something positive in Calgary I would have been in a better position now. One of the reasons I moved there was my landlord intended to increase the rent from $695 to $1200 by doing some renovations and I was on E. I. at the time I didn't think I could afford that. It was really difficult but I don't have much recollection form those days.
3- I went to Quebec and attended CFLRS. Another big mistake! I was receiving E. I. at the time as well but wasting most of the time because I thought I would pass the basic training and become a member of CAF. Wrong! A former colleague told me: Now you're receiving E. I. and don't have much to worry about sit, study and get your certificates while looking for work. I should've done that. I not only didn't get the CAF job but that was one of the main reasons that The Lady left me.
4- My last main(!) mistake and hopefully really the last one was going to Quebec again to, this time, join the CBSA. I believe I worked harder than what I had done in CFLRS but apparently it was not enough. Unlike the CFLRS, CBSA College throws you out if you're not successful and that was what happened to me just 2 weeks before graduation! I had difficulty studying some material and adjusting myself to the situation.
To summarize in order to be in the world of shit that I am now you must:
1- Stick to what you're good at. Take one path and keep going. 
2- If you're sensitive toward what you eat and where you sleep never try any dorm-like training.
3- Try not to move from city to city or province to province. That just wastes time and money. Besides going to Lower Mainland British Columbia in most cases will end you up in an apartment with either cockroaches or mice. Prairie provinces are better despite their cold. That's what I think. 
I was thinking what I should do to celebrate(!) these successful years in Canada and I ended up, again, in Cowboy Tap House with The Chef. This idiot has an Open Heart Surgery planned for him in December and sits with me and drinks Draft Beer and eats Samosa! What do I care! I told him several times when he still didn't have the heart attack. So difference would telling him make now?! I chatted with a pretty Caucasian waitress but they all are chatty and nice. It's hard to get them. They're nice as they want you do drink more and eat more and tip them more but the girl was really pretty. I'd call her Wing Gal as she had two big wings tattooed in her back.
After paying the bills I noticed two Black girls and approached them. I even sat at their table and started a chat. I ditched The Chef for that but the conversation didn't get me anywhere with the Caribbean girls although they were nice. I left the bar and found The Chef wondering around with a bag in his hands! I asked him what it was. He had purchased a sort of couple of pastries form a nearby store for $2 each!!!!!! The pastries, of course were made of White Flour, something which is extremely bad for someone who has problem with Excessive Blood Sugar and takes medicine for that but this donkey doesn't understand a thing! We went inside the Safeway to have them with a cup of tea but the cafe was closed. We quickly ate them there and got the hell out of there. I then said goodbye to him and went back inside the bar to take a piss and then went back to the girl's table with the hope that I can get one of them. They both nicely refused me and that was the end of the night! 
(Photo: An snowflake is hanging form the ceiling of the bar. I decided to use this picture in case someone wants to make a big deal about in it!)


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