Friday, October 09, 2020

Raja Food

Lazy Ass called me after 2 months a couple of weeks ago. He usually calls when he's lonely and by that I mean he has no gf! He once had a married(!) Mexican girl as his gf and according to him they were in love but they have broken up several time. That girl actually was the reason he was thrown out of the house. Then he was with other girls while now he lives in a basement. I don't mind visiting him because it's always fun! We talk about here and there and we laugh. The other night he, as usual, took me to a place to eat but considering he's out of work, we paid separately. It's strange for me to see and understand someone with no job, no nice place to live, no plan for the future, no education, no support and no direction in life and in debt to be able to chase girls and women or lie down on his bed and watch a movie on a big screen TV, which he has purchased recently, by the way, I think it's 55"(!) but some might see that's the age. He's no longer a teenage. He must be 25 or older and has none of the above and seem it doesn't bother him, at least now! 
Anyways he took me to this sort of bistro/cafe/bar place called Raja Food
Load Western music was being played and colourfull lights were blinking while I saw Hookah on the tables! There was no one in the place but the guy, apparently a Pakistani, was expecting us because Lazy Ass had called him and had even ordered our meals. We later learnt that he usually closes at 09:00 PM and that was why the place was empty, according to him. He just kept it open for us! 
You imagine a so-called bar where no alcohol is served(!) but Hookah is available! Then load Western music is played in a way that you can not hear your companion and have to scream! Flashing lights are seen in different colours and it feels that you're in a disco and a beard guy with thick East Indian accent and dark teeth, possibly from smoking Hookah(!), serves you East Indian food! That was the environment!
I realized, as soon as the food was delivered that Lazy Ass was passionately
This is how the place look like where they are trying to do, hopefully, some cleaning and sanitizing before its closure
exchanging messages with someone. That was the Mexican girl apparently. He is trying to get her back and she refuses! While I was enjoying the food which was a sort of Grilled Chicken Leg, Fries with East Indian seasoning and Salad, he was struggling with himself and the food. Eventually he put the phone done and started playing with the food! The portion was not too big but I only paid $10 for that. I need three dishes like that to be full, at least but that was enough, under the circumstance! Lazy Ass, by talking to himself, was trying to convince himself that it was the best thing to do at the moment: To let the girl go! I was getting sick of his stupidity because there was the same shit two months ago! The guy just have no self-respect and lets the girl play the game. I finally tell him to go. We got a box and he took the rest of the food home to probably throw it out in a few days! I dropped him of while he was asking me to visit him again tomorrow but told him that I would not be able to. 
As per the restaurant, would I go or would I recommend that? Most likely no! I hate smoking anything and I can imagine how disgusting that place would be when one or two people are smoking Hookah! Food is okay but I can get the same food in a really nicer and cleaner place with a little more dollar. I only went there to accompany him and that was it!
(Photo, top: My Grilled Chicken Leg certainly look good appetizing here. Those fries, by the way are sprinkled with a type of amazing East Indian seasoning. I do not eat fries but that night I had not had lunch and finished the fries and the whole dish within a few minutes. Really tasty)

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