Peanut Cookie

The disgusting, nasty, redneck previous owner of the property didn't live any of the appliances manual for me. I really wanted to use the oven of the electric range but didn't want to cause any damage. So I decided to ask the neighbour who seems a nice lady and we once have talked. I heard noises from her place one day and I realized he was moving stuff around in the balcony. I asked her from my side if I she thought our appliances were the same. She did not think so but agreed to lend me her range's manual. I quickly took a look and found the document and returned the original to the neighbour.
That's when I baked the Peanut Cookies. But then I thought to myself: If a Peanut Cookie, according to Kraft, is simply made of Peanut Butter, Brown Sugar and Egg, why don't I eat it the way their are mixed, without baking?! I mean we all eat the three ingredients, some on daily basis. Don't we? In that case I not only save electricity but can enjoy a sort of raw food! 
Peanut Cookies under the dome! The muffins are store bought and they're not by the way. Raisin Bran by Compliment
Anyways the result was not bad. I think I just have to bake less, if I'm baking it at all. I will give a few to the neighbour lady as she said that she would look into anything that I may bake and of course a number for Mom and Farzin. I stopped eating Butter years ago perhaps 15 years ago or more and switched to Peanut Butter because a good Peanut Butter, not a disgusting once which is made by No Name or other fraudulent, disgusting, commercialized retailers, has no Cholesterol and even has good Protein. This was something never known in the old country and I'm happy to enjoy that. At times, at work, two teaspoons of Peanut Butter and I'm good to go for another 2 hours. 
However because of what I wrote above, I think, I would bake other things in my oven rather than Peanut Cookie. I would go for Pizza, Pita and even Subway Bread
(Photo, top: Peanut Cookies before they're going to the oven)


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