Wednesday, November 04, 2020

My Second Experience with POF

I don't know if POF pays some of employees to contact people or not but I got hooked up with a woman about three weeks ago and we exchange messages until she asked for my telephone number. Here is the thing: If i can simply exchange telephone numbers with a woman on POF, why would I pay for membership?! That's why I think these women could be planted by POF. They contact you or respond to your messages, you see them somewhere and then they leave. That encourages you to buy membership! You gain confidence and you are more willing to pay! 
Anyways this woman kept a nice contact and eventually after about a week she said she would meet me in a Tim Horton's. Here's when you can know a woman a little better. A classy woman would never see you in a cheap, garbage-maker low-class coffee shop like Tim Horton's! I said yes, though and went to the location that she sent it's address to me. I arrived there a few minutes to have the first good impression. She looked a woman in her early to mid. 50's, short and in a very casual dress. lots of wrinkles in the forehead and chest, below neck as she had a wide open shirt on, just above the breasts. The hair was just regular but looked like it had been recently dyed. She indicated that she would have liked Hot Chocolate. It was awful but i didn't say anything! I got two small ones and we sat. We talked about an hour and it was not bad and then she said she had to deliver something. We split after that. We continued exchanging messages until the weekend she said she would have liked to go for a walk. I agreed and she was supposed to send me a message to say the time and location. She never did and when I followed up she mentioned other things. It was a little strange but I didn't insist. That was the last time we exchanged message and since she didn't answer, I stopped. I said: F*ck her! I need no old ugly whore who doesn't know what she wants! I bet she has found someone she likes because there were many times that I would log in to see her messages and she was online! F*ck her! 

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