Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Trouble with my Licence Plate

I decided to change my licence plate and go back to what I had on, screwed to my older vehicle,  before leaving Alberta for British Columbia, back in 2006 in Sep.. So I went to the local registry, about two weeks before expiration and told them about my decision. " Yes. You can do that ". Said the registry lady. I got the label and paid. When the time came to take the plate off and replace it with the old one, which would have been new(!), the problem started! I used Philips screw driver but couldn't get it off. Then I went to The Chef, as he is a strong guy even in his 60's and even he couldn't do it. I then bought a small bottle of DW-40, with the hope that it loosens the screws and tried again! No luck! 
We then went to Canadian Tire in Marlborough area but there was a motherfucker white-headed Caucasian old fart there who refused service! Even guys at work tried it but no one had a chance. Then one guy got an electric screw driver and the idiot, who by the way is a Vietnamese, damaged the screws in a way that no screw drive could be used any more! Then he tried to break then using a drill. No freaking way. It was already 6 days that I was driving around with an expired licence! 
Then I was driving home on Sun. and while I was within the speed limit, I saw Sheriff's cruiser at the side of highway, parked diagonally. Just as I passed him, he got on the lane and drove! I said to myself that I would be done! He then moved to the next lane and I was hoping to lose him especially because I was going to use an exit and get the hell away but he reduces his speed and got behind me. That was when I know I would be pulled over and it happened! He put his lights on and I pulled the vehicle to the side of the highway! I waited inside for as long as 20 seconds and he approached from the right side where was much safer. I opened the door and he told me that he had checked my car online and I was fine but i needed to put the sticker on. I asked him if I could have shown him the damaged screws. He asked me to made sure that the engine was off and the gear was in neutral. I got out and showed him the screws although in the windy and cold day of Alberta while the cars were passing by, he didn't seem to be very interested. I thanked him and went back to the vehicle and drove away. 
I drove to Canadian Tire from there despite the fact that I had been rejected at another location. The funny thing is I saw the same cruiser just as I was approaching the store! Or could it be another officer?! I was glad that I saw it because it actually proved my story! I went in and talked to one young fella who was the receptionist in Auto section. He simply told me to go to garage and asked them to do it for me! And that's what I did! The guy, although very unwilling, grabbed a pillar and turned the screws back out. Then I grabbed the screws that I had purchased from an Auto Value store and put the new plate on. He helped me to tighten them. I thanked him and, not that it's important, he really didn't care. I think he was not happy that he had to do 5 minutes of free work but I think he probably could have made an excuse not to do it either. That was a weight off of my shoulder. 
(Photo: The sheriff was driving a vehicle similar to this one)

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