Sunday, November 15, 2020

Will The Chef Survive This?

I installed WhatsApp on my phone for the second time because the woman I dated once(!) wanted me to be in touch with her through that. I got connected with her and then deleted her ID(!) from my list but now I'm connected to a number of relatives and friend who communicating with them is easier this way.
The Chef is one of the active guys on this media. He sends photos and clips and messages, time from time. It's silly for the people who live within half an hour, sending text messages to each other especially if they know one another for years. One day I saw him online at a time that he usually doesn't appear. He usually is at work or asleep at the time. I asked him if he was at vacation. He told me that he had been suspended! 
Imagine someone in his early 60's, few years from retirements, have been working for the same company for almost 14 years and be suspended for a stupid act! I asked him what had happened. He said that he touched a co-workers face with his finger but I know what touching might mean! 
The problem is that he had a bad history in that company: Days and days of delay, incident at work which led to one of his knees being shattered, unauthorized usage of lift-truck that made the company suspend him for a few days, repetitive calling in sick, last year's Open Heart Surgery which created lots of problem in the yard due to being short-staffed and lost of paperwork for the HR! All these shit have been piled up and now he had been nervelessly waiting for this Tue. to go to the company and find out what the final decision is. The interesting thing about WhatsApp is that if you don't set the things that you don't want other see about you, they would see them all! I checked him and I realized that he was up once around 05:30 this morning, meaning he has not been able to have a solid sleep. But whose fault is that?! He should've thought before hitting people in the face! 
My guess is the company is going to give him a little money and expel him. I think they're sick of his attitude and stupidity. The same thing happened to a stupid friend of his a number of years ago. The jerk, nicknamed The Spring Maker, worked for Standen's for almost 18 years but he had a nasty file. They gave him first a few thousand dollars and then a kick in the ass! We'll see what they give to The Chef soon.
(Photo: WhatsAPP, created and lunched by Facebook, is globally used)

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