Friday, November 06, 2020

Stupid and Disgusting Delivery of Food

One of the most disgusting things that I hate it the most (used most twice in a sentence!) in Canada is food delivery. Many disgusting cheaters manage part of their disgusting lives through food delivery. One example of that is the filthy fat-f*ck named The Fisher who I used to know through Hojam and I, in fact, probably met him once only. This nasty animal, who by the way probably made up a story about cult of Bahai and sold it to CIC to settle in Canada, lived his disgusting life by food delivery and avoiding paying income tax for years. This piece of sh*t, as far as I remember was either drunk or high on drugs! According to The Chef he always had a handful of Marijuana in his glove compartment when it was illegal, of course. Once I was at Hojam's, he had invited me over for dinner, which was by the way was a simple meal comprised of Shirazi Salad and Bandari Hot Dog(!), and it was years ago, probably 2006 and the telephone rang. I remember Hojam didn't have a cellphone back then and asked me to pick of the phone, which was the landline. I picked up and at the other side of the line there was a drunk man whom could be understood barely! That was this disgusting fella, The Fisher! I told Hojam that it was this guy on the phone. He told me that he had been probably lonely and drunk because his wife had taken a trip and ask me to hang up! Now, and again according to The Chef, this guy has lost his job and because he evaded tax for years and years cannot apply for any of the Government aids!
Shirazi Salad, originated from the city of Shiraz in south-central Iran is very tasty and healthy
Now I'm not saying that all of the delivery guys are bad or fraudulent. What happened today reminded me of The Fisher and I thought I should part of his story here. But what happened yesterday was that when I pulled my vehicle to the side of the street and parked I noticed a bag in front of my door. I thought to myself: Is this a kind of a joke?! Did a freaking bastard leave their garbage in front of my door?! What the hell is it?! 
I approached the bag and I realized that it was a food delivery from a local business! I never order food. I hate that. You need to eat get your stinking ass off of the coach and cook a meal or put something on and go to a fast food joint or a restaurant. I hate lazy people! So I called the number and a woman picked up. I asked her why the had delivered the food to my address. She said that it was not them. It was one of these disgusting food delivery fake companies who you can have use them using your phone. I asked her to send someone to pick it up because I didn't want to deal with a lazy ass hungry idiot who would complain about his food being taken by me. She said they could not do that. I left it on the side walk and walked back in!
(Photo, top: Two Magpies are enjoying the food inside the bag! The country which it's economy is based on sh*t creates minimum wage jobs in tens of thousands and make the most of population lazy idiots who either wait in their homes for food to be delivered to them [!] or deliver the food as it's easy and does not require any skill or talent! Some still are not able to perform this easy job!!)

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