Workplace Stories (10): Hired from Kijiji

It's been a little more than 3 years know that I've been working for these pieces of stinking shits. I'm expecting a sudden blow any minute of my daily work. If nothing significant happens soon, we'll be mostly out of here in a few months. All of my efforts in the past 7 months have gone useless despite the fact that I had interviews with good, stable firms which would have been turned to permanent employment, I f I had gotten the position. 
Nevertheless that's not the only issue which has been bothering me. The important thing is I'm hanging out with assholes and ignorant fools and barely know their right hands from left hands. I' certain I deserve way more than this but I haven't probably tried hard enough to get out of it. The fact that I have to work with people, a few of them my superiors, who know less than me and have less capabilities than me is very disturbing. The fucking idiots that have been called by one of the contractors Hired from Kijiji! 
I never knew that Kijiji could also be used as a website to advertise yourself when you're out of work until I saw someones ID Card which showed his qualification in a trade a few weeks ago! Apparently some desperate guys they post adds supported by credentials with the hope that they can get a job. That's in my opinion is very unusual in Canada because the majority of people get their jobs and careers through connection, especially the Caucasians as they have a biggest network. So the fact that someone advertising for him in Kijiji shows that he's not only below the normal qualification levels in the job market but also have little or no connection. 
Many in this stinking shit-hole that I work in have found their job through members of family of their community. We even have this fucking asshole who not only has brought his ugly piece of shit wife, but also his retarded son! The result is people who mostly don't even know what they're doing or talking about and this is their first and most likely last jobs in Canada! To give you an example there was this animal dead-brain who was once in a meeting with us. That was a telephone conference with a supplier and at the end he sent us a Minutes of Meeting indicating the discussions and results. I had a look and realized that there were mistakes and missing items. I crossed out the mistakes with read lines, corrected them and added the missing ones. he, instead of changing the document and implementing the corrections, sent the newly changed Minutes of Meeting with the red lines and added items to the supplier! I didn't know what to say! Once I was with this guy who happens to be working in the company for years and I had extremely hard time just to understand what he was saying! The other one's ignorance is so high that she looks for combined words and terms in her native language dictionary. For example Municipal Affairs is looked up! So fucking dumb that doesn't even understand that they couldn't be found in a dictionary a s a combined or one word! Truly true is they are hired from Kijiji: The lowest level of proficiency, knowledge and experience! 


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