Thursday, February 13, 2014

Canada Is Doing Well

When Canada won 14 medals, including 7 Golds in the last Olympics, Vancouver 2012, and stood on the top, many took that to consideration on the account of the country being the host of the games. There's no doubt that it was a factor but you cannot deny all the hard work and effort that the athletes and everyone else put into this.
The results show that how Canada has been doing so far. The country is the second in the standing table and has won 4 Golds so far. Both woman and men Hockey teams beat their opponents although the men's team had a shaky start. They beat the Norwegians 3-1. Women conquer the Americans 3-2. So far so good. The host of the games, the Russians are no better than the 7th
(Photo: Canadian Hokey player scores by passing the puck between the legs of the US Team goalie in their first game)

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