Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dream about the Uncle

One of the people I saw just a day or two before leaving the old country was my second uncle in the hospital. he had been sick with I don't know why and previously to that I had visited him in his daughter's house. He was laying in the bed. Never learnt what his illness was. He died shortly after I came here. Then last year the first uncle passed away. That was the one that I was close with his sons, especially the elder one. We used to spend time together in our childhood and then in high school and university years and even a little after that. There's only one uncle left now and he's the youngest brother of four and youngest in the family. I had a dream about him a few weeks back and I still remember it:
I was back to the old country and was waiting or maybe simply standing in the airport and someone appeared in front of me. I clearly remember that he was the only and the only thing I was able to see. I also recall that the face of the person was my uncle's but his body was small, like midget people. His face was young though. He appeared before me and I was trying to recognize him. In the meanwhile I heard people whispering that it was the uncle(!) without seeing anyone! And eventually I recognized him! That was it. 
So I told Mom about it and she believes it is fine.  For a long time after the dream I wanted to call him but couldn't. I was just ashamed. In the past 12 years that I've been leaving here I have called him once only that was to check if Mom and Farzin had arrived. That was why he was surprised and asked what had happened to make me spend money on a long distance call! The fact is we were never close. Even though my Dad and him were the youngest and closest, they were never very close either. My uncle was a soccer player in his youth years playing for a 1st league team. As well he never really went for education and luckily got his high school diploma and was hired by the Electricity Distribution Co. and stayed there until retirement. He was, as probably is not a gambler but in family and friends only because gambling of any kind is forbidden over there. And a lady man, I guess, until got married. A drinker too. On the opposite hand my father was among the few who went to university and got himself involved with politics which eventually led to being fired from work and that was another hard hit to our family. 
Anyways today the uncle is old and I don't think he is doing most of the things that he used to do many years ago; maybe only gambling. It's understandable that he got surprised of my call but what he or anybody else might not understand is that not many people of our family are left now. They are either dead or dispersed all around the world somewhere. Those years that all the family was getting together in big family parties are over and will never come back. Happiness will probably never come back and I have to visit them all or most maybe for that last time next time I'm going there, if I get a chance. 

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