Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back to the Old Country: Day 2 (Tue. 30-Sep-2014)

*** This is a postponed post ***

I woke up around 03:00 AM or something and couldn't go back to sleep. Spent a little time on writing and then headed out for a little walk. Then purchased a pack of whole wheat breakfast biscuit lightly sweetened by Date Syrup. Really good, made by the old company of Minoo. I will probably purchase a few to take with me. Each Rls. 10,000, some US$ 0.36. I also purchased a long distance card so I will be able call my buddies before joining them. After breakfast we got out together for bunch of administrative stuff. Iranian women need to obtain approval of either their fathers or husbands every time they want to renew their passports. There are other restrictions similar to this that the great religion of Islam has dedicated to women!! The Lady wants to be given the freedom of renewing her own passport without my permission and presence. We went to a Registry to ask about this. Our next destination was a different type of registry, this one specialized in passport, driver’s licence, etc.  I wanted to renew my driver’s but when I saw the list of required documents, I changed my mind! It was similar to being qualified for a NASA astronaut going to Mars!
We did a good selection of shopping in between visiting the two registries by buying fresh vegetables and dried fruit. The temperature was not very high today. However it is very dry and dusty. Zayandeh-Rood which is the main life vessel of the city, is dried out. The river bring humidity to the environment and that is gone. 
In the afternoon The Lady’s plan was to open the suitcases and distribute the gift and purchases which covered the whole half part of the day. We managed to bring four big suitcases each at least 21 Kg! The majority of them were the parent’s gifts and souvenirs. I took another walk and gave rings to two buddies of mine.
(Photo: A fruit stand in Esfahan's Sabzee-Meydoon. Although this is not an official name, that is where you can get good vegetables, fruit, meat and almost everything else in reasonable price but not in luxury, modern shopping centers. The name literally means Vegetable Market in English although as I said they don't only sell vegetable there. This one sells imported Coconut and type of Date which comes from south, Khuzestan Province)

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