Monday, October 27, 2014

What Has Canada Done to Itself?!

With these all recent terrorist acts in the country, I hope Canadians open their eyes and ears and understand this is not 70s and 80s anymore. The Government has let many people in that they simply do not belong. All they care about, and they are people from Pakistan, Iraq, all other Muslim countries, etc, is making money, go around the law and skip income tax, buy a property and scam the Government and charity organizations and get money from them. And of course every now and then, show they hatred by killing a soldier or shooting a bystander. 
Do you really think the Muslim community does not know what is happening with its members?! Do they not know who goes to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and who is planning for the next attack on a CFB or Parliament Hill?! They all now about these plans. They get together more than once in a week and review things together, whether in a mosque or a community center or simply someone's residence. I really don't know what the Government was thinking when they allow all those people in the country?! Is Canada short in workforce? OK. Does that mean they have to open the doors and pour people in, expose the country to risks? 
Now there is a sense of suspicious in people and it will get worse every year. The society is so departed and hatred is growing. Would that be a day that people fight each other in this country? That does not seem to be very unlikely but I hope it never happens.
The other thing is the role of the US and other Western countries in ISIS activities in Iraq and Syria. The US and its allies wiped out the Iraqi forces quickly in 2003, went all the way to Baghdad and ousted Saddam. He got captured and delivered to the so called new Iraqi government shortly after the so-called Iraq's liberation, tried and sentenced to death. How is the US and its allies, including the motherfucker bastards of Turkey cannot take care of a small force of probably 20,000 to 40,000 fighters of ISIS?! Isn't that because they simply don't care what's happening in there?!
In the meantime the country which used to have the highest standards of living and was a very safe and quiet place to live, Canada, has turned itself to the nest of extremist who come here, relax and get themselves ready to either go and nourish their homeland or join extremist who actually kill Canadians, either in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria!! What kind of logic this people of CIC were following when they accepted these people in the country? I have no idea! I wrote about this problem long time ago and my writing truly proves that I am right and the Government is blind. My only hope is this time they wake up. 

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