Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back to the Old Country: Day 4 (Thu. 01-Oct-14)

*** This is a postponed post ***

I guess we eventually got our sleeping pattern back. It was disturbing and distasteful. Today was basically spent on more administrative stuff but surprisingly the bank service was really good. The Lady wanted to pay for her passport renewal and we went to this branch of Melli Bank in Saadat Abad St. where we received professional and prompt service. Not surprisingly most of the services work half-day hours today as tomorrow, Fri. is the weekend, unlike West which Sat. And Sun. are the off days of the week. For lunch today the mother-in-law prepared Sweetbread in traditional way which was pleasant. The weather is remarkably mild and I even wear a running suit when I go out because I don’t want to be exposed to extreme sunlight.
We went to this confectionery across from the street, called Sogol in the afternoon and purchased a box of pastry (around 1 Kg) for approximately Rls. 155,000 which equals to almost CND$ 5. Pastry is a very common desert in Iran and regardless of its bad effects on health because it is full of sugar and made in unsanitary shops, mostly, it is very tasty in a way you want to finish the whole box. This one was not that very appealing. It was OK though. One important factor in enjoying a nice piece of pastry is that they should be served chilled and since they were kept in a sort of window refrigerator I thought they were cold enough but they were not. Of course I kept the remaining in the fridge for the next use. 
After that, and I think it was around 08:00 PM that I noticed I could not keep my eyes open any longer and simply went to bed right around that time! Jet Lag affect is still in effect!
(Photo: Sweetbread Meal pot in its traditional way before it is put in the slow cooker. It is very tasty but you should go easy on it)

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