Saturday, October 18, 2014

Disasterous Return

I'm writing from Frankfurt Airport using the 24-hour free Internet. It was a trip full of stress and anxiety from Munich to here and I will not be eased until I land in Calgary.

***Update in Calgary (05:54 PM)***
I finally reached home. It is so good to be back. The plane touched the runaway at exactly 03:39 PM. I ran to passport check and then CBSA desk and got my luggage. I didn't have anything important on me but a small package of Pistachio and they didn't even open my bags. The entire landing and exiting the airport didn't take more than 20 min., maybe but cost a few cents more than $168 to get the car our of the so called Economy Lot
Air Canada's flight started with a 50 min. delay which was about to piss me off but then continued with good entertainment system, food and beverages and felt OK. I sat at the window this time but didn't bother much. There was just this giant goof sitting besides me who I don't know where the hell was from and looked like that was his first time on a plane! 
The funny thing was this flight was my first from a foreign country to Calgary since I originally landed in 2001! A landing after almost 13 years!
I'm going to get some rest, see the family and then will write more later.
(Photo: Passengers lined up to get to Air Canada flight to Calgary in Frankfurt Airport gate B-43)

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