Wednesday, July 31, 2019

An Interview Credit for Newlywed

My last interview, which was the second one since I started career hunting again in late June, was very short and over the phone again. Newlywed had asked me to apply because he said that most of the fellas had left since the project is near ending. A project that is about to finish is basically is like an old ship in the 15th century one they were sinking! They say even the mice would leave when they sensed the ship's doom(!) but for me it would be a good job to finish a project at the site. I would be working probably for at least 1 year and the income would not be too bad but he said that he would interview other applicants and I would be notified through their HR, possibly by the next. 
Newlywed has been working there for nearly 3 years now, I believe, and even has purchased an apartment in Toronto where he flies to and from when he is at work. The other asshole never called me back. He was supposed to set an interview for me in Edmonton. I forgot to send him a thank you e-mail. That could be it. I sent him an e-mail and asked him whether I would be going for that interview or not. He never replied.  
(Photo: Victoria, the only ship of Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who eventually was killed by Filipinos in one of the island of The Philippines. Just used this photo because ships were referred to in the post. He did his explorations in the 16th century)

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