Sunday, July 28, 2019

The " Entertaining " Chef

The Chef has been given as long as, I think a month, to fix his heart problem. He has been trying to get a hold of the surgeon to make appointment but has not been successful. What we did was we called the clinic several times and we got no answer back. We then decided to have a coffee in a McDonald's and The Chef got a tea because coffee is not good for him! He has this bad habit of looking to almost everyone's eyes when he or she walks by and this has gotten him to trouble a few times but I know why he is doing that. He, most of the time is lonely and tries to get attention of others and since not everyone likes him(!) people at time might react in a way he does not like it.
So we were just hanging out in a McDonald's and I while I was sipping to my coffee realized that The Chef is exchanging eye contacts with someone behind me. I paid not much attention and I was hopeful that the fella leaves since an exit door was there. It took a few seconds until The Chef ask he was gazing at him and cursed loudly in his native language! I turned and look at the guy. He was an old brown skin, like The Chef's guy standing next to the exit. He turned to me and said that he like that he was speaking Persian
It appeared that the guy had heard us and was just eavesdropping while waiting for his wife to come out of the bathroom! He had heard us and was trying to see what we were saying! In the meantime he had exchanged eye contact with the chef with the hope that he says hello or something(!) and as The Chef does not like to be gazed at back(!) he cursed at him loudly! It was an awkward the situation!  
I saw these nice postal cars in the McDonald's location and decided to take a photo of them. Apparently they are from the children who received help from Ronald McDonald House
The Chef was ashamed of his behaviour and the guy was shocked and scared as why The Chef had acted that way! He approached our table and I apologized from him on behalf of The Chef and explained to him why he was mad! He shock hands with the both of us and repeated that he was happy to hear people talking in his native language! The Chef offered him to sit but he said he had to leave! The Chef was sad and ashamed for another hour after that. 
Quite similar the next day that we were at the exact same location after we had an unsuccessful attempt to talk to the physician/surgeon. We had finished our snack/beverage and just got out of the door. I realized The Chef was looking at the other direction while listening to me and all of a sudden he erupted and started cursing in English, this time! I looked and there was this young Caucasian fella, in his mid. 30th, in an old one and as soon as The Chef approached his vehicle, he stepped out with a sort of stick in his hands but didn't strike! I went after The Chef who was now only 3 ft. away from the guy to pull him back and prevent him from a fight but the guy thought I was going to help him and told me to get the fuck back! I gently pulled The Chef and asked him to go and sit in the car and then went toward the guy who know was at the wheel and with the window up! I asked him, with sign language to roll the window down and he surprisingly did! I apologized to him and said: He has issues! He accepted my apology and back up to leave the parking lot! The Chef asked me what he had told me. I said: He said that he had to go to his family or he would kick your ass! The Chef said that he was going to stab him but I don't know he serious he was or he even had a knife(!) but I do know that the frustration in the past two days had accumulated and drove him to that behaviour. Luckily I was with him or who know what would have happened! These were two beautiful shows that The Chef put them on. They were both very entertaining. It most of the time is entertaining to be with The Chef
(Photo, top: I have selected this photo which shows a brawl between Polish and Russian fans during 2012 Euro Soccer Cup. I hate soccer but I like to see these idiots beating on each other. The fight between The Chef and his two opponents[!] never got that bad but could have) 

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