Flashback (33): Kefir

Sometimes I miss The Lady a lot. My life took a very steep nose dive after she left and I haven't been able to get back on my knees. It's been more than 3 years now! I guess that's what usually happens to idiots! I drove her out and I hope now she has the life that she always wanted. I really hope.
One thing I have to add is that I should not have gotten marries in the first place and that was her insisting and now I ended up here and she suffered a lot. 
Now thinking of her I wanted to bring the story of what she like in the last 6 months or so that we lived together. She somehow got familiar with Kefir and bought some from a guy and started making it at home every night and enjoyed. I don't remember why she was interested but that was OK to me and at times I has some and enjoyed as well. 
She then asked me to advertise for the extra she made and sell it! I did! I would put an advertisement and then would deliver to people. On bike, driving, you name. The story was going on until she left. It was not for money. It was just a hobby for someone who just had lost his job and had not much to do but job searching, studying and some minor home chores. The table here shows how much Kefir I sold! Reminds me of the life that I will never have again, just part of it. 
(Photo: The Kefir table. Another reminder of the lovely wife I had once and will never have again. I hope she's happy wherever she is)


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