Bull and Goat

Persian culture is full of poems. There are quite of number of poets that all have fantastic and unique poems, not seen in any other culture.. To name a few: Ferdowsi, Saadi, Khayyam, Hafez, Molavi, Roodaki. Khayyam was just praised by Google last month when it was his 971st birthday. He was born in Neyshabur, a city in current Iran
But why am I mentioning this here where people don't even know what a poem is or never have heard one in their entire life!? They all are busy with their iPhone and all inclusive vacation to Mexi-shit-co and all other drug source countries! I'm naming these a poem which works well here in my situation that A. F. seems to be upset about. The poet is unknown for this one and now it has been used as a proverb. It goes:
کار هر بز نیست خرمن کوفتن

گاو نر می‌خواهد و مرد کهن
It literally means that if you want to harvest your crop, you need big strong bulls. A small tiny goat is not going to get the job done. Obviously this story refers goes back to the time that agricultural machinery did not exist although still in many parts of the world animals are used for this type of work.
Saadi's tomb in Shiraz, Iran. Painting by French architect Pascal Coste. He also traveled to Isfahan.
This proverb applies to me and my recent job application where I was booted out of the training center after 4 months! Not to mentioned the more-than-a-year waiting just to get to the training!
The training was mostly mentally demanding. Some physical too. I however was so close but a mistake at the last minute made me fall!
There's no point to talk about it any more and I'm old enough to go back in 2 years or try any similar job. Just something in addition to that is the concept of If I can do it, you can do it, said to me before I go there, by A. F., does not always work!
(Photo: The picture that Google have recently used to celebrate Khayyam's birthday)


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