Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Back to the Certificate

Now that I'm back to dryland (dry in terms of income!), I thought I should do something positive with my time, rather than just looking for jobs. I contacted the organization that I had once registered for a course to do a certificate and ask them if I could continue it. I had left it unfinished in late 2017!
Surprisingly they agreed! No doubt that I have paid more than $2300 and will have to pay a bit more to be certified but they simply could say no.
It's not bad but it's not easy though. I have started from the beginning instead of following the 51% that I have accomplished. I have noticed changed both to the course and the material but changes are mostly good. At the same time I have errors which I have notified them of a number of observed one so far.
I have been given 90 days to finish it. Sounds enough but for someone like me who usually takes lots of notes and is not as fast as other (it was proven recently!), it might not sound long enough.
(Photo: A blank certificate paper)

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