The Beautiful Dale Hodges Park

I'm back to Calgary and I haven't done much so far. All I've done is I was able reactivate the course I was doing and I will have three month for that. I will finish it and I will get the certificate. Then I found out that the supervisor from the last job had quit and even he didn't know what was going on over there. I will have to give them a call to see perhaps they take me back. It's better than being unemployed and spending the savings. And then I applied for a job and contacted K1 through e-mail to see if he could help. He has been working for the same company for the past 8 years.
Then just two days ago when I was checking on The Brave's property while he was on a trip I decided to have a walk around Dale Hodges Park. I truly was amazing by the beauty and the variety of the wildlife and vegetation in the area. 
Fortunately it was a cloudy day and weekday. So the park was not busy and I spent 01:30 walking around and taking photos. I could have taken more and better photos, had I not been lazy and tired and the sky was clear but it still was not bad. I saw at least 5 different types of bird that I'm only able to name one of them. The park used to be a gravel pit and now is, of course, a beautiful park. Thanks Mr. Hodges. For a number of photos from the park refer to:
(Photo: This duck, if I'm not wrong, was surfing on the water so smoothly that it reminded me of alligators of Louisiana. Not that I've been there! But I would like to go)


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