Sunday, July 07, 2019

Doodh Patti

The Chef has become careful since he had a heart attack but because he's such a ignorant fool, he doesn't know what he should eat or not! I have told him several times, especially before the heart attack, that the amount of Red Meat, Sugar and Processed Oil that he consumes is too much but he only listens after he got into trouble and not even completely!
We got together for a cooking day and we made Kash-o-Bademjoon which is a traditional Iranian food made with Eggplant (Aubergine, as they call it in the UK and Europe), Onion, Garlic and Kashk (a Milk product with high fat content) and he was going to eat that until I told him Kashk is a source of animal fat which is very bad for him. 
The tea eventually looks like this. You can see the layer of fat and a piece of cardamom floating on the top 
Then we decided to have some tea at a break between cocking different foods. He introduced Doodh Patti to me which is a traditional tea common in Indian sub-continent. This tea basically could kill someone like The Chef easily! Doodh Patti which is the name known in Pakistan is a type of hot beverage that Tea is boiled in a mixture of Milk, Sugar and Cardamon. It's very tasty but as you see the ingredients, it's not healthy particularly in Pakistan where I'm sure they use lots of Sugar and high fat content Milk. For us The Chef used 3.25% Organic Dairyland Milk which is awesome if you don't have any health issue and added Brown Sugar as low as possible but still was not good for him or even me! When you have a cup, you can't stop! You want to have more and more. So I guess we ended up having 4 cups that day but I asked The Chef to add half water instead of Milk. I believe we still need to be alive for a few more years! 
Being from the South of Iran, the port city of Bandar-e-Abbas and living in Pakistan and India, The Chef has many food habits of that part of the word: Lots of Sugar, lots of Animal Fat, Rice, Flat Bread and lots of Spices. It's now painfully difficult for him to give up on those food after almost 50 years
(Photo, top: This is how the traditional Pakistani tea is made. One I first saw that I wondered why a kettle is not used and then The Chef told me that everyone makes it like this in Pakistan! We used Lipton tea for this and I have already written about the type of Milk that we used)

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