The First Rejection

It's been almost two weeks since I came back to Calgary after being kicked out of the training center. I started job searching immediately. The market doesn't seem to be very good. Though I have applied for a number of positions. I received the first response today, which was actually sent to me, to my e-mail last night: Not considered anymore!
I guess one mistake I have made in my resume is mentioning a recent work in the old country. That was the only way I could explain my 4 months absent from work. I don't know if that has a negative impact. It might. The Brave called me yesterday and blamed my failure on my background! Such a bullshit! There were two Iranians, one Iraqi and a number of Arabs in the training center and they all graduated and have already started their career! My failure has nothing to do with my previous nationality or what The Brave thinks it is, the religion! I failed because I simply could not handle that much of stress, lack of sleep, hours and hours of studying and crappy food! All those people handled the mentioned and are successful now. All I can do at this stage is keep applying and studying. I was able to convince a reputable organization to grant me access to the course that I had started in late 2017 and never was able to finish it. They gave me 90 days! So I'd better use it and get the damn certificate. It's something in the resume and I learn a few things. 


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