Thursday, November 06, 2014

A Redneck Stupid Disgusting Woman

There's this woman who was hired shortly after I was employed and was placed in the work station next to me. We do not work in the same discipline but she was located there in the beginning for a few weeks or months, I don't remember exactly as it was quite a long time ago, due to limited available space.
This fucking whore is crazy: Talking to herself, laughing hysterically loudly, you name it.
She gets a Starbucks coffee in the morning, of course before stepping in the office and then warms it up in the microwave to drink it!
Once we were talking and somehow we got to this discussion of buying property in this city and I go: It's not very good idea to live here forever due to its extreme arctic weather condition, 8 months long winters, etc. The bitch says: Yes! You should leave the city soon! It's obvious she has a problem with foreigners. But how the hell can you make me leave the city moron?! How about thousands more who live here and has no plan to leave? East Indians, Lebanese who have been living here for generations and few of them do not even speak their native language but know themselves as Lebanese still, Chinese who have their own Chinatown and don't even have Canadian passport! Lots of Pakistanis and Afghans!! What are you going to do about them, bitch? Don't you fucking think it's too late to change the society by telling one person, your colleague, to go!? 
One days, months after the dialogue, I was about to recycle a piece of paper and lifted the recycle bin's lid. I noticed somebody's Driver's Licence copy on the top of other papers just torn to half. I looked and it was hers! I thought to myself: how could she be so fucking stupid to reveal her personal information to everyone like that!? There is a shredder next to the bin! Indeed you're a fucking goofball. If someone wants to misuse the information you gave him/her the opportunity. 

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