Friday, November 21, 2014

Cell Free

I have been cellphone free since I returned to Canada from my trip and I feel really good, actually much better compare to the time I had a cellphone. I do not believe you find anyone without a cellphone these days, even among the elderly or very poor. I have to following reasons as why I feel so much better without a cellular phone, or as some call it in other countries, a mobile phone: 

1- I don't have an extra bill to pay every month.
2- I don't have to be worried about delayed payment which might affect my credit and get daily calls.
3- I don't have to be worried about forgetting my handset somewhere.
4- I don't' have to charge the battery every few hours or days.
5- I don't have to pay for a new handset every few month or year.
6- I don't have to be worried about overcharges when I am out of the town. 
7- I don't have to be worried about the calls that I might receive while I'm driving.
8- I feel free and there's nobody to bother me when I'm home by the phone. 
9- I don't have to be worried about the blind spots. That could be at times very frustrating. 
10- I don't have to turn the cellphone off where their usage is not permitted, such as movie houses, clinics, etc.
11- I don't have to be exposed to the waves emitted by and absorbed by the cellphone which has health risks. This was the main concern when the cellphones first became popular in the old country but then the service providers realized how much money they could make out of the stupid people who waste their money on this type of equipment and they convinced everyone that there's no health risk! 

As I indicated nowadays almost everyone has a mobile phone. My old aunt who lives by herself has a land-line and a cellphone but people might say; Oh! We are worried about her when she's not home. We like to give her to call and ask her about her well-beings. They don't consider this fact that most of the time if she's out and she's not feeling well, having a cellphone is not going to change anything much. The Chef has a cellphone and he still doesn't know that you have this address book in your handset which if you add someones number, you can dial it simply by pushing the Dial button and when he or she calls you, you can see that's him or her calling you! Too bad! 
The question here is will I ever get a mobile phone again? It depends. If The Lady wants to change hers, then instead of returning it which has a very good plan, I might take it. It has so many hours plus all the coming calls free! I don't know much about the plans these days but I doubt there are many plans similar to that with that amount of monthly charge, at least in Canada.

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