The Second Wave of Cold

Arctic hit Calgary for the second time this year yesterday. I was snowing all day and wind was blowing the snow in to the face of a few pedestrians on the sidewalks. I didn't want to go anywhere like the last time so I went to the exercise room on the treadmill. It was warm and cozy while outside was dark and scary cold. Even I didn't want to risk it! 
The morning was not so bad. Only -24 degrees C(!) but I easily got the car started and take The Lady to work. The cold just make you lazy because you know you have to put a whole lot on and you are too lazy to do that so don't move much. That's probably why the coffee houses and bars gets packed jam in winter days like this. 
(Photo: The bedroom window was seen frozen from inside for the first time. I had seen something like this before but not in this building. The exhales are warm and as soon as they hit the chilly window all the vapour crystallize and stick to the glass)


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