Saturday, November 15, 2014

Workplace Stories (15): A Blast to the Mumbling Guy

This fucking stupid stingy animal, The Mumbling Guy, has gone too far recently. I hate him so much and I'm just looking for an opportunity to give him a good lesson. Something just happened last week that made him a bit disappointed and I got happy! We were sitting and talking in his disgusting office and Newlywed, his protege I would like to call him was there as well. A New Message reminder popped up meaning that he had just received an e-mail. He looks and goes: Idiots!
I didn't know what it was but by looking at him holding his head in his hand I realised something not pleasant had happened and couldn't help with smiling! He had been scheduled to spend 4 days down in the US for a sort of meeting and the cheap, stingy, fucking bastard was so happy that he would enjoy free food and accommodation for 4 fucking days as well as being away from the office. The new message apparently had changed the venue to somewhere in Canada not too far from the office and reduced the number of the days to 2 only! He was very displeased and I could not get the grim off my face! This fucking piece of shit earns so much and still lives like he need to go to food bank every day. That made me really happy that day. Be a human motherfucker. You help no one and always beg for free food. You entire disgusting nasty lunch doesn't cost more than 2 bucks. You do all of your shopping in Wal-Mart. What the fuck else do you want, you piece of stinking crap? A hard kick in the balls which lays you unconscious?! You guys have no shame.

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