Conquering the Cold

I finally overcame the cold and my feat today and went for a run. It was as cold as last night but the good thing was that the wind was not strong and I was able to run with a good speed for 22 min. on the Bow River Pathway! Although it was around -17 degrees C, I was relaxed and running comfortably. However I had to wait in the damn car for about 7 min. to warm its engine up and defrost the windshield! It was frozen from inside because of my exhales of last night and I had to scrape the ice! 
After shower and dinner I went to a local Safeway to buy a little food as the refrigerator was and still is mostly empty. There was barely anything in produce and fresh vegetable section that you could buy! Tomatoes were horrible which mostly are at this time of the year and I guess $2.29 for a Lb or something. The were only two Iceberg Lettuces left and each $2.99!! Grapefruits looked old and the rest were not so appealing so I quickly bought what was available and got out! 


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