Sunday, November 23, 2014

Flu Shot: A Big Scam

For people who come to Canada, there are many new concepts. The majority of them good but there are a few evil ones that they have to be smart enough to stay away from. I'm not going to talk about the obvious ones but the ones that people are not aware of and there's lost of advertisement for it, will be hopefully explained and opened up here, as much as possible. 
One of the biggest scams in Canada is Flu Shot. Influenza is a type of sickness, if I could call it, which could be caught through virus. So if virus is the cause of this illness, why all of a sudden in winter everyone hoists the flag! I have been living over 10 years in Canada (the exact number of years is irrelevant here) and of course many more years in Iran and never got any Flu Shot and never got sick that bad. The worst that has ever happened is that I had a soar throat and runny nose which went away after 2 or maximum three days of eating hot soup, fruits and maybe at the most, taking 1 or two pills. One might ask how that happened. I tell you that I was running in subzero temperature on Bow River Pathway and while I was sweaty all over my face, wind constantly blew to my head for a period of 10 or more minutes and got be sick. Had I not gone for running or had I covered my face or had I not sweated that much, I would have never gotten sick. 
The thing about Flu Shot is being free. So why do you think the drugstores and supermarkets offer this great health benefit for free?! It's clear: By stepping in the drugstore or whatever the business might be, you think of doing your shopping too. You see this item for a good price and the other one for half the price and by the time you step out, the business has earned enough money which could not have earned if charged you for that useless shot! 
Are the governments aware of the scam? It is another question which might come to mind. My answer is the government are aware of everything. They either have no power to react, react in a lame manner or shut up if it is in their profit. In case of Flu Shot, to be honest I don't know what the classification might be(!) but I do know that if the governments were really concerned about the well-being of their citizens they would do something about all the junk food joints, garbage provider  restaurants, artificial colours and flavours that the food manufacturers add to their products and many more health hazards in the food and beverage industry which sends many to hospitals, clinics and morgues every year. So don't mind the governments. As long as they are elected with big salaries and can put on their fancy suit or go to the Cancun vacations, they don't care about these stuff. So do yourself a favour this year and stay the hell away from the stupid, time-wasting Flu Shot lines. Deprive the businesses from the profit and give the governments a big mid-finger.
(Photo: A sign encouraging people to get Flu Shot in one of the businesses in the town. You can see signs everywhere outside and inside, everywhere)

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