Sunday, November 02, 2014

Changes in Weather

It was said that this last Sep. was one of the warmest in Canada. I didn't feel so much warmth particularly when I went to the old country. The weather was not hot and intolerable. Unlike Sep. and Nov., this month, Oct. started itself with rain and snow right from the beginning. 
I went for a little walk yesterday and it was lightly raining but I got socked after a few minutes. So I went back and put proper clothing on so I could have a longer walk. 
I started from Stanley Park and headed south. By the time I reached Sandy Beach Park, the snow had been changed significantly by mother nature! You could barely see around yourself and in a few minutes the ground was covered with a layer of snow. 
I noticed something moved very fast when I was at St. Mary's Cemetery looking over part of the city and Mission Road. It was this little cute bunny. I could not get closer and having this little camera did not give me a better shot.
Unfortunately the trial is closed after the Sandy Beach Park. The City is doing some renovation, alteration and construction in the area. In that point I was at Calgary Golf & Country Club which, of course a private property and I could not cross into it. My initial plan was to walk all the way to North Glenmore Park but for that I had to walk Elbow Dr. until I pass the mentioned golf club and get into the Elbow River Pathway again and that is what I did not want to do, especially because my socks were socked! I had this old New Balance runners of mine on and of obviously they are not good for this type of weather. Therfore I headed back and got into the car. The entire walk took some 01:40 h which was not a very back exersice but I need more. 
(Photo, top: This is part of the Sandy Beach Park. I had not been to this part of Elbow River Pathway before but I have to say that it must be interesting and beautiful to have walks and jogs in summer here)

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